Bearing in mind that personnel comes first in the modern system of values, the BLC tries to achieve the education and academic development of experts cabale to solve problems through active role and mutual communication of students and teachers in realization of a quality study program. Study programs and organization of studies were set in such a way to attract the secondary school pupils who want to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for getting the competitive advantage at the labor market. Enrolment of quality students contributes to the realization of quality assurance principle and efficiency of studying.

The BLC has established the system of quality assurance foreseen in the Rules on quality assurance and Rules on self-evaluation and quality assessment, which enables implementation of the BLC Strategy of quality 
Strategy of quality assurance was brought by the Senate in 2008 and 2012. According to this strategy as well as BLC general acts defining the quality assurance, academic personnel and students are active subjects in valuating the quality and affirming the institution that fulfills its roel. All employees and students are responsible for implementation of policy of quality, as well as for giving suggestions for further advance of the System of quality management.